How to use a Pull Bar on Laminate Flooring

Ten strong horses could not pull an empty baby carriage if they worked independently of each other.

– John Wooden –

When installing laminate or Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, you need to seat the planks with a hammer and tapping block. When you get to a wall at the end of the row, a tapping block just won’t fit, and there isn’t much room to swing a hammer. To get the last row set, the tool to use is a pull bar. Pull bars come in many styles – the cheapest are just a bent piece of sheet metal, while nicer ones are made of structural steel. Whichever type you have, the way to use them is the same:






  • Hook the short, wide lip of the pull bar over the edge of the offending flooring plank and pull it snugly against the edge
  • Hammer firmly against the raised hammering ‘tail’ opposite the wide lip until the plank moves into place