Luxury Vinyl Tools and Supplies

What you need to install a luxury vinyl floor

With many styles of luxury vinyl on the market to choose from, installation has become a beginner level DIY project.  It’s easy to cut, easy to install, and offers many benefits other products can’t. One of the beauties of this new flooring is that you don’t need many specialty tools. However, some specialty tools are available if you’re more interested in saving time than keeping costs to a minimum. Here is some recommended gear:

Image result for score vinyl flooringThere are a few different ways to cut vinyl flooring. The most common way to score and snap using a utility knife against a straight edge (Example here). This is an inexpensive method and goes fairly quickly. The downside is it is hard to keep the straight edge in position on long cuts. Also, be careful not to cut the hand holding the straight edge. If you use this method, you will need:


Some alternative tools are available that cut faster and with more precision. They also allow repeatable cuts for cutting multiple planks to run against the same wall. (Example here) The downside on these being prices are higher than just a utility knife. However, if you are using more expensive product, these tools will reduce the wasted boards that result from your knife running off track on long cuts – which happens all the time.

While preparing, consider whether you’ll need any special tools.  Are there door jambs or odd corners that will require special cuts?  Do the manufacturer’s instructions advise the use of a tapping block?  Is the subfloor uneven? If you answered yes to any of these, you may need additional tools:

Once you have gathered all the essential tools and supplies, its time to prepare for installation.

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